Changing Weather Always Means Illness’

For some reason I’ve taken notice that whenever we have changing weather someone in the house seems to get sick. I have been very blessed in not really getting sick this winter but it’s only the middle of winter too. Well this morning when I woke up I felt kind of bad. I just figured it was because I didn’t get enough sleep but now I don’t know what it is. I’m thinking that I caught dad’s cold that he had last week. All I know is my throat is killing me and that my head is throbbing. I took some cold medicine this morning and crawled back into bed and slept until noon. I’m hoping that Olivia doesn’t get this cold because it’s not any fun. 

On the lighter note, last night I made dinner. It was something short and easy to cook but it sure was good. We had some chicken sloppy joes and Olivia and mom had some tomato soup as well. I of course ate the rest of the sloppy joes this afternoon but they sure were good and tasty. Tonight I’m thinking we’ll just have leftovers or something. I’m not in the mood to go out to eat and go anywhere. I know that I do need to run to the library for a book that is on hold for me but I just don’t know if I will feel much like doing that. We shall see though. 
And please continue to keep those prayers coming for the little boy named Justin who is in the NICU in a local hospital. He is getting better but he needs to gain a little more weight before he’ll be able to be released. 

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