New Look

New Look

I’ve been looking for a new look for my blog for quite some time now and still have yet to find a template that I love. So for now until I can find one I will be using this one. It’s plain and simple and that’s just fine with me. I actually love these colors so it’s perfect for just now. 

Today has been quite a busy day for me with me  having so many appointments and I actually have picked up Olivia’s prescription for her daily medicine. I’ll pick it up from our local drug store tonight when I pick her up from Daycare. I also need to get a check for daycare for last week and this week and put it in my account. I’m running out of money. I wish I had more but I don’t. I’ve got to really start working hard on my photography business and promote it. I am doing a wedding on Valentine’s Day and can’t wait for that one. I’m a little nervous and excited all at the same time. It’s going to be my first major project for photography that I’m doing. Well that’s about it for now. More I’m sure to come later on. :o)

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