Can’t Believe it!

I can’t believe that tomorrow afternoon I’ll be meeting with my high school classmates so that we can begin to plan our 10 year High School Reunion. It seems so unreal because it seems like it was just yesterday of us graduating. I can tell you that in the past 10 years my life has changed so much. And definitely for the better of course! Well for the most part that is. I used to be so shy and not say a word, hardly had that many friends and lets face it I was pretty dorky too. But now a days I’m ready to open up my own Photography Studio and if I do decide to do that I will definitely have to get a cash drawer to keep the money that I earn in it. But I’m thinking that I will wait a few more years to open up a studio but to have one out of my home would be even better. Well once I do get into my own home that is. But for now I’ll have to continue to do the way I’ve been doing my photography and that is outdoors. But tomorrow will be loads of fun and can’t wait to see many of my old classmates. How cool is that?

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