I know…

I know, I know I haven’t updated in a few days. But life has been extremely hectic for me. First off let me say that I am loving this years American Idol so far. It seems to be funny and it really makes you think sometimes why in the world are these people auditioning but then you think to yourself, I’d be the same way I’m sure. Anyways, the past two evenings I’ve had the opportunity to watch American Idol and will be doing the same next week too. Ok now onto yesterday’s events.

Yesterday my grandfather who I might add is almost 91 years old had some major heart surgery. He had to go to a local hospital, Wake Med who is the number one heart care center on the Eastern Side of NC and have an additional wire put into his heart for his defibrillator. He did just fine and was very sleepy when it was all said and done with. He might even get to come home today if he did well through the night. My grandma stayed with him last night and my dad will go up and get them both today and bring them home. I prayed a lot for him and had a lot of people praying for him as well. Then around 9am or so I got a phone call from my brother. He and his girlfriend have the stomach bug and didn’t want Keali to get it. So they shipped her off to our house. It honestly made me want another one but now isn’t the time to have one. LOL Anyways, Keali was so good although she had some major gas issues and we are thinking that she needs to be switched from her formula she’s on now to a soy one. We all had the same issues only I was worse than my brother and my sister was worse than the two of us. Crazy how it seems to run in the family. Well I picked her up and took her to mom’s school and then went on home. All night she was up off and on and she didn’t really sleep much. Mom did however get her to sleep so she’s doing that right now. Olivia was a big help too. She told me she’s ready for a new brother or sister. Oy, how to tell her not right now sweetie! But all in all it was a good day last night. I’m going to post some pictures when I get a chance to later on. 🙂

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