Dinner was good

Tonight I went to our local Harris Teeter and found several things that I could have. I got some chicken tenderloins that were on sale and I felt it was a good deal for them. Then I found some rice spaghetti and a few other select things. I also grabbed a can of goats milk to try to drink. I’ve heard it’s very good and so it’s worth a try right? Well I had the rice spaghetti tonight for dinner and it was very tasty. Yes it tasted like rice but it wasn’t over powering and also I had no reaction. So it looks like I’ll be able to eat that and not be able to eat rice by itself. I’m sure with time I’ll know more for sure.

Well I am trying to get Olivia ready for bed and she’s not willing to go to bed. ugh. I sometimes wish it was a little easier for her to go to bed. But I am right now reading a wonderful new book that I received from Elizabeth Pantley to do a review on. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get more out of the book dealing with Olivia and sleep. Especially naptime. Well that’s all I’m going to write right now about it. More to come when I do the review. (wink) Well gotta go. Have to go get her into bed. Good night everyone.

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