Olivia and her Ears

Yesterday I sent Olivia off to school despite the minut fever she had but I know it was coming from her ears. She was up all night the night before with her ears and so not much sleep was seen then. Well I contacted the ENT and they set an appointment for her at 10:30am which meant I had to go pick her up from school and take her. Not a problem, so that is exactly what I did. She looked very pale to me and so I just thought it was from her ears. Well we get to the doctors and they said that her ears looked ok. What? Then why is she up all night screaming and crying? It just didn’t make sense at all. I know I wasn’t dreaming this up or anything either. Well they did a test on her hearing and she has a slight bit of hearing loss in her right ear but they aren’t too sure why? Crazy huh? I know that prayers worked but I didn’t know that they worked that fast. Hahaha. It’s great what the Lord is doing for me and my family. I pray every night before I go to bed and it’s wonderful to see a change in me and my thoughts. I have so many hopes and dreams that now with the help of prayer and reading the bible and knowing the Lord that I can reach them. Well back to Olivia…she was doing a little better. The ENT told me if she gets them again to contact him again. Oh and her right tube is no longer in so if she continues to get the ear infections then they will once again have to replace them.

Other than her ears they think that she might have had a small virus or something that is definitely going around. I kept her home from school the rest of the day and let her rest some. She did and even ate some Italian Ice and a Popsicle. Yummy! Today she got up and went on to school. Yeah! Praying though that I don’t get a phone call from school today because I’ve got to be in Raleigh with my grandparents for their Heart Appointment.

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