Christmas Play & Cleaning

So last night was the Christmas play at the Church and it was great. Olivia was the angel and she did a fantastic job. Although she never made it up to the front where she was supposed to go she at least tried. Which in my eyes is A OK with me. She was so happy that her daddy came to see her and he too was very proud of her.

Today I sent Olivia to Daycare where she at first didn’t want to go. It seemed like this morning she was just not having a good day at all. She touched “Buddy the elf” and got down on her knees praying that he will have enough magic to get home to tell Santa she was a good girl for the next several nights. Then she refused to get dressed and refused to take her medicines. I guess if I had to take as many as she does I would be sick of them too. Then she wanted to play and not brush her teeth. She also decided that as I was opening the garage door she was going to duck down and go under the door but when she went under she knocked her head and gave herself a huge knot on her head. I’m really hoping that she is having a much better day now that she’s at daycare. I haven’t gotten a phone call from them so that must be a good sign.

Tonight I’m sure I’ll be cleaning some because Christmas is right around the corner and we have family coming to see us. Like my Aunt and Uncle who live in California. I can’t wait to see them although they will be here I think for a week. It will be ok. Just a little different this year is all. I’m also trying to divide my time and Terry’s time up so that he can spend some time with Olivia. This year is going to be rough but I know in the end it will all work out. 🙂 Well I better be going…have to go do some work now and not play around anymore. hahaha

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