Colds and Possible New Lens


So this morning Olivia wakes up with a really nasty cough and said her throat hurt her. I checked her throat and it looked a little raw but she has some post nasal drip so that could be the culprit. If she is still not feeling any better by tomorrow then I will take her to the doctors. With all of the doctors visits we have to take her to I kind of feel glad that we do have Medicaid for her. I am not the one who likes to take offers but with the way that my job has gone to the pits it sure has helped out. Plus some of Olivia’s medicines that she is on are way too expensive for me to afford on a little to nothing paycheck. I feel blessed that we have this and that we are able to continue to give Olivia the healthcare she can get. Tomorrow if I do have to take her then I will ask the doctor about her tummy again. We are still having issues with her stomach hurting and it seems that the prevacid is not helping any. I don’t think its her reflux but I think it might have something to do with her intestines. I just don’t want to see my little girl as sick as she was in 2004.

Also I ordered some pictures from ProLabExpress and love the quality that I got. I got what I would if I would have had pictures done at Sears and the quality is honestly better than theirs. Plus I love the Lustre coating on them that comes for free and that I can drop ship with no problem. Another thing that I love with them is they actually put my copyright on the back of the photo which means that no one can copy it even if they wanted to. So if you want to give them a try then feel free to. I will be ordering more from them in the near future.

Onto another top topic, I am thinking of getting a new lens for the camera. I am thinking of getting the 50mm f/1.8 II lens that Canon makes so that I can take some really nice pictures and capture the moment. If you use this lens let me know what you think about it please.

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