Loving My Camera!

I have to say that I absolutely love my camera! I did end up purchasing the one off ebay for $529 and it came with everything that was described in the auction. Well my Canon XS is so nice and I’m glad that when I had my Kodak I learned how to use the camera the manual way because now its just awesome. I have no problem in getting nice pictures except when my hand gets tired and wants to shake but I am certain that once I have my splint off my right hand I will be able to take better pictures.

IMG_0118 copy vivid

Yesterday I went to pick up Olivia because another little boy in Olivia’s class basically puked on her and I had to take her some clean clothes. I then brought her home, gave her a nice bath and then went outside and took some pictures. The above pic is my absolute favorite. It has awesome depth to it and I just love her expression. This morning we woke up to it snowing but it has since stopped and it looks like its sort of raining out there now. Oh well it was nice while it lasted!

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