I love Mail!

I love getting lots of Mail whether it be freebies, catalogs, magazines and product reviews. Well today the box was going to be too stuffed like it was yesterday and so the mailman brought my mail to us. Yes, I had another 2 product reviews come today via the postal service and then 1 came through DHL. So it looks like I’m going to be busy the next few days with product reviews and will be posting them on A Mom Who Loves Reviews. Plus I have a few giveaways to do so that will be fun as well. Don’t forget to enter into the Linda Eder CD & Autographed Hat Contest on my blog. I also have a new one as well for Pop-Pals so check that one out as well. The Linda Eder ends today!

So now I’m waiting to see if UPS brings me something if so that will be a nice mail day! I’ve had something shipped to me yesterday and will be here on Friday so I can’t wait to see what that is. I’m hoping that it’s something nice. I love doing these product reviews and so if you too would like to have something reviewed, let me know. Just click on the Email Me in the side bar.

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