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Holiday Cards

With Christmas right around the corner for me it’s all about searching online for the best deals on holiday cards. I normally always send out some really good pictures of just Olivia but this year I decided that maybe I’d have some pictures taken of Olivia and I together. I think not only would it be nice but also fun. I’d have to figure out where I can come up with the money since I have no income at the present time. Gosh. Why does the economy have to be so stinky lately. Anyways, I’ve got to find the right holiday card design for us to use this year because I don’t want to repeat the ones that I’ve gotten before in the past few years. Plus I’ll make sure that I send off the cards this year instead of last year to where I only sent to immediate family. I’m sure this year God will provide some things for my family and I in every way that he can, mentally especially for me. These holiday cards have got to be something meaningful too because we are not truly celebrating Santa Claus but we’re celebrating the birth of our Lord. I want the cards to be something that means well. Plus this year I will be allowing Olivia to help in the decision as well because she is becoming so independent and she is going to help sign her name this year for the very first time. Oh yeah and if you want holiday cards too you can use this awesome coupon: XmasFree to get yourself 10 Free Holiday Cards! How cool is that? Now what design would you choose and why? I love the design above!

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