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Had a Good Weekend!


This weekend I went to Columbia, Maryland to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister and Bethanie. We had a great time. I did get a little upset while in David’s Bridal because yesterday was supposed to be my 5 year wedding anniversary and this is the first year I can’t celebrate it. It was really rough and upset me to the point to where all I wanted to do was cry. I quickly got over that when I went to see my good friend, Amy at Borders in Columbia and we had a good long chat. Plus I met her sister and her two daughter, Abby and Veronica. They are both adorable. I loved the Mei Tai that she was carrying Veronica in. Very cute. Then after we said our good-byes, Elizabeth, Bethanie and I headed out to Columbia Mall and went to P.F. Changs. Mmm…so good! I’ve never eaten there but it was so tasty! Gonna have to go to the one in Raleigh when I get some money!!!

Afterwards we had a nice talk in the car on the way back to Bethanie’s parents house and then went on to Bethanie’s house. Gosh! I so wish I lived where Beth lives! It’s a 2 bedroom apartment in an old Mansion in Catonsville. She lives right in downtown Catonsville. It was absolutely beautiful plus she wasn’t paying that much for the apartment either. If I decide one day to move back to the Columbia area then Catonsville is the place to go. It’s in Baltimore County and that’s fine with me. It’s only like 10 minutes from Columbia which is awesome!!! Today we all slept in and then Elizabeth got ready as did I and we started on home. I so now am thinking to get a small car like a Honda Fit or something that is going to be great on gas. Plus I really want a Manual Shifting Car as well (as long as it has a cruise control option to it like Liz’s car does). I am going to be calling a few places this week to see if they are hiring any Medical Coders and also calling and checking up on a few positions I applied for at a local hospital. So we shall see.

Plus this week I might find out if I will be doing a friends wedding. Plus I am going to have another toddler lined up to take their pictures and possibly a few families as well. My prices much cheaper than the other studios in town so I’m hoping that this is a way for me to make some extra money for the Holiday season.

Above is the dress that I really liked at David’s Bridal. 🙂

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