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Engagement Photo Shoot

I was talking with a good friend, Melissa and she is getting married on Feb. 14, 2009 and she asked me if I could take her engagement pictures. I of course jumped on the wagon because it’s something that I know she will love plus she wants to have the pictures taken at the beach. I feel so lucky to be doing this so it looks like we are going to be going to the beach sometime soon. I will be leaving Olivia with someone that day so that I can go take these pictures. She wants just the cd which is not bad so I’m lucky enough to do this. She honestly checked out a lot of the photographers down there and they are just so dag on expensive. Even I’ve checked some out and you would have to plan on spending over $200 for pictures down there.

Well yesterday I ended up getting the root canal done. Whew. I was in some pain. Thank goodness for pain meds. I’m not saying I’m hooked or anything but I ended up crying myself to sleep because it was hurting me so bad so it helped out in a little way by allowing me to get some rest. Also I have lost over 6lbs since Saturday because I haven’t been able to eat much. Hot and cold items killed my tooth so I just refrained from eating. Not healthy I know but it will be ok. I still am having a hard time eating but at least I’m eating some things.

Today Olivia got in trouble at school. I have to sign a note and it has to go back to school. She was such a good listener this morning and I don’t know what happened at school but she wasn’t listening at all. I had to have a sit down talk with her to tell her that it isn’t nice when she interrupts her teachers and when she isn’t following directions. Next time she gets a note home then she will lose something like playing with her computer. I’m praying that things will be better tomorrow at school because she doesn’t want to have to deal with her being grounded all weekend. She’s going to spend the night with her daddy on Saturday because my sister and I are headed to Maryland to see friends and also to go bridesmaid dressing shopping. I love shopping! But it was nice of my sister to invite seeing how this weekend was going to be rough on me. I will go into that more later on. I’m getting ready to head to bed and so is Olivia. I’m still a little sleepy from not getting much sleep the past couple of nights. Covey, I’m mailing your Photo’s out tomorrow. I didn’t get into town this afternoon until after 5pm.

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