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Playing an Instrument


Olivia recently has taken up the interest in playing the piano that we have. It used to be my grandparents but when they moved into the house behind us we decided to keep it instead of tossing it out. Olivia has been playing the piano and singing us some songs. One of the songs that she was singing this morning was “Bowchickabowwow” and “The ABC Song”. It was quiet funny when she started up with the Bowchickabowwow because she picked that up from both the movie Alvin and the Chickmunk (as Olivia says it) and from my brother. She’s gotten better about saying it but sometimes she’ll say it in public and it cracks everyone up. You can’t help not to laugh the first time she says it then it just gets old after that. So I decided to capture Olivia this morning as she played the piano. 

Of course while I was walking outside the cat, Whimpy came up to me and started meowing. I had to take a picture of him. He’s the office cat as we call him. 🙂 He’s adorable and even cuter with that purple flea collar. 


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