Lots of Rain

This evening there has been a lot of rain to come along with Hanna. Now it’s not supposed to make landfall until midnight or sometime after then. I’m praying though that this storm and rain will be out of here by tomorrow afternoon so that I can go to the library and hopefully take some pictures of my best friend. Tomorrow evening I need to be home to help out my future brother in law with something that he’s asked for me help with on the computer. I told him it would be no problem because I know when I go back to school that I’ll have to take a basic computer class. That should be simple and I’m sure I’ll pass with flying colors. I love computers but I’m going into a field that honestly is one that I know I’ll be successful in. I’ll still be able to do my photography as well. I am going to this weekend fill out some financial aid information online to see about getting help with school. I’m going back part time but plan on taking more than 1 class. I’m thinking about taking the psych class and the computer class online. I can’t wait to get back into school!

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