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Sooo…I’ve decided to go back to school. I’m hoping that I can begin this spring at the local community college because I really want to go to further my education and be able to support my family. I don’t see where it would be too much and if I can find a job that I can do at home from now until I graduate. I’m hoping that I can. 

Last night we ate at Cracker Barrel with Terry and had an overall good dinner. We enjoyed sitting and chatting with Olivia only to find out that she had chocolate milk for lunch. That would explain why she couldn’t sit still. With Olivia she can not have any chocolate because she will get mean and ugly with it so we basically don’t give it to her. She behaves better too. Then we went to the mall and went to Best Buy. I had a few questions about which camera would be better to get and I think I have made a decision but I won’t let you all know of which one it is. But it’s a nice one! 
I’m also working on my review blog as well and am going to redo the design on that as well. I love to design things and if you remember I was doing this a few months ago only I was litterally doing all the coding and what not on another blog I had open. Its just a hobby I really enjoy doing. 🙂 Well I am going to do a review on there of a blogger who does awesome work! She did my last design I had up here and I really love it but just felt it was time for a change. Nothing wrong with that huh? Also I have a few products coming to me to review and might do a giveaway. Just depends on what all I get right. Just kidding. But seriously you all should check it out at A Mom Who Loves Reviews. I’ve also sent some notification to a few companies asking if I can do a product review with them I’ve heard back from one and can’t wait to try that one out. Lots of things on this post so sorry it’s so random. 
Have a great day. We are getting ready for Hanna to come so lots of preparations to do before she makes landfall!

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