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Family Reunion and Today


The family reunion yesterday was awesome. There were a lot of people there that we knew and that we didn’t know but it was so much fun. There of course was way too much food there for you to eat and of course I ate a lot but I think I worked it off today. More about what we did today later in this post. Well I drove for a good 5 1/2 hours yesterday to go to Berryville, VA which is only 3 miles from the West Virginia Line. We saw Marty and Re and everyone else. I even saw my Uncle Kenny, Aunt Susan and Bruce. I was so excited to see Pam and Ryan there as well as Betsy and her gang. I felt like this was the year went over really well. To see my cousins that haven’t been ever or in a few years it felt really nice to have them there. Next year we’ll have to have more people come for sure. Olivia had a great time too. She got to spend time with her little cousins that were her age and she really wore herself out. She didn’t take a nap at all but by the time we got in the car and down the road last night she was out cold. It made a nice ride to Lake Anna last night nice. Betsy and Jason invited me to stay with their Mom (Jason’s Mom, Pam) and Olivia and I followed them back to her house on Lake Anna in Virginia.

The ride was nice and quiet and I figured out that it’s not the same as riding in my van. I drove the car and I will say that I think when I can afford it I will be getting another car…I’m really thinking about a Pontiac Vibe in a Stick Shift of course with cruise control. Well Olivia didn’t want to go to bed last night once we got settled inside Ms. Pam’s house and she kept coming up with excuses on why she couldn’t go to sleep. Finally I told her I was going to bed and I did. She didn’t wake up until after 8:30am. Sweet! This morning we cooked bacon, pancakes made with soy milk and eggs and watermelon and grapes. It was so good! Then we all got dressed and went swimming in the lake. It was nice and warm and Betsy and I jumped into the lake. It was more shallow than we thought. LOL. Funny though.

The lake was a great experience for Olivia. She really enjoyed it and wore herself out in it. Olivia’s favorite part though was going for the canoe ride. Yes and if you ask me…Betsy and I tried to do something cool but it didn’t work and we flipped the canoe over. We tried to do a chinese fire drill inside the canoe but the two of us were laughing so hard we tipped it over. We had a blast at the Lake and were sad when it was time to go but we had a little over a 2 hour trip home so we said our goodbyes and followed Jason and Betsy back to Route 288 in Virginia and then I got onto 95 from there. We got home a little after 5pm today and so it’s been a busy one yet fun day. Well worth us going to the family reunion and seeing my family. I have taken a lot of pictures from there and might end up posting a slideshow from it but I’m still editing the pictures right now. I’m also getting ready to head to bed.

On the lighter note I have just started another blog designated to doing reviews called “A Mom Who Loves Reviews” and I have already done a few reviews on it and also have a few more to get going soon. 🙂 I’m excited about this and hope that you all will be able to come over and bring your friends over to that blogging site. Lets have fun now!

Below are some of the pictures that were taken at both the family reunion and the Lake.

The Mountains of West VA
Splashing Around
Olivia and I at Lake Anna
Olivia in the Canoe (I haven’t edited these pictures yet.)

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