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God is Here


It looks like we’re about to get some storms here. I’m actually glad because we need the rain and it was a perfect hot summer day to get the rain in. Plus I know we were going to be getting some kind of rain. I do pray that the group of people who went to Raleigh this evening are going to safe. We have had people from our Church going out into the streets of Raleigh to speak the word of the Lord to those who need it. They even bring them sandwiches and water to the homeless. So many people are without and it seems like they welcome us when we come out there. Plus there have been so many people who have been saved it’s Amazing of God’s Work!!! I just look as the rain of God’s work. The picture above was taken on my parents camera that I finally got to work again. It’s just one of God’s amazing jobs!

Also here is a couple of videos that just really make you think. Hope you enjoy them!

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