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Cabin Cuddler…

Have you done any traveling this summer? Do you work in an office to where they keep it feeling like it’s 40 degrees in the building? Well I have been traveling this summer and one of my best friends from Maryland came down to see me yesterday and she could have used this awesome new product! It’s called the Cabin Cuddler and I think that its an awesome product too! I could have used this too for my little travels I have done as well or will be taking in the next few weeks to Berryville, VA. This travel blanket is fun yet discrete enough to be fully functional. Some of the features that it includes is the tote bag it comes with transforms into your own hypoallergenic pillow case, comes with it’s own personal inflatable pillow, has a patented pocket always to keep your feet warm (especially on those days that the boss or the driver wants to kick up the A/C), and has a contour cut of the blanket to cover every part of your body to help you stay warm. Now honestly I could have used this product last August when I took the train ride to the mountains. It was so cold in there and sitting on the train for over 4 hours was rough. I was wearing flip-flops and shorts and so was Olivia. This was very hard on us both plus if you wanted to sleep you had to fend for yourself. There were no blankets or pillows so it was a very uncomfortable ride to and from Sailsbury, NC. So next time I might have to get me one of these personal blanket/pillow and take one with me.

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