Still Sick

Today I went to Tarboro to go to the Clinic there and when I arrived there was only two people in the waiting room. Sweet! Well I proceeded to sign in when the lady asked for my insurance. I gave it to her and she told me that they couldn’t take my insurance and I’d have to pay out of pocket for the visit. I was like what? Then what’s the point of having insurance if they wouldn’t take it. Ugh. I was so angry and upset when I left from there. I just wanted to get seen to see if I have an ear infection or what was making me feel so blah. Well I could have gone to the ER but didn’t really feel like it so I went back to my inlaws and took a nap instead. I will call my doctor tomorrow and get an appointment. Then on Tuesday I have the eye doctor visit and also the visit to the dermatologist’s. My legs are looking ten times better than they did 3 weeks ago. Well let me go. Have to go feed the dog and then get ready for my show, Army Wives. 🙂

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