ADHD Diet, Cows Milk

A New Diet to Try!

Yes I’m going to start Olivia on a different kind of diet compared to the kind of foods she’s eating now. I’m going to get the daycare to try and help us out as well. Everyone needs to be in full swing for this one. That means that eating out less is definitely a yes there and the kinds of foods she will be limited to. So we will be starting most likely on Monday with an ADHD Diet. It’s going to get her healthy too. I’m going to purchase Rice Milk for Olivia and also for her School for Olivia to drink and will have to tell her teachers to dilute her fruit juice or she can have water. Plan and simple. I don’t know how I’m going to do this but I’ll figure it out. I know I can’t keep her captive of this but I’m going to try and change as much as I can. There is a link with Cow’s Milk in the ADHD Child’s actions so it’s pretty cool. I will also try her on soy milk too and give her some kind of vitamins as well. 🙂

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