Myrtle Beach Rocks!!!!

So on Wednesday we left for our mini vacation to Myrtle Beach and got down there in a little over 4 hours. It was so nice because I was waiting to hit the sand and just lay out and have a good time. Well once we got there, we called mom and dad for them to come up and give us the tag so we could get into the campground. We stayed at Ocean Lakes and that is our favorite place to go to. They have so much to do for the children and for the entire family to do. Well we went ahead and got dressed to go to the pool and hopped on the golf cart and drove there. It’s so funny because honestly all you see on that campground is golf carts, they even have “golf cart” parking spots only. How cool is that? Well we got to the pool and they have several different pools for everyone. They have three pools for the little ones and one big pool plus they have the indoor pool. We got lathered up for the sun and we hit the little pool with all of the things to do. It’s the Play pool as Olivia called it. We swam in that for a while and then headed on over to the other kids pool that only had one mushroom in it and then headed to the big pool where all of the adults and older kids were in. Olivia decided that she didn’t like that one so got out and ran on over to the other pool not listening to what we were saying she got in trouble for running at the pool from mommy and granddaddy. Then she and Nanie were playing in the pool and Olivia got out and ran behind the waterfall wall and the next thing I noticed was Olivia and there was blood everywhere. Olivia somehow fell or ran into the wall (she said she slipped and fell when she was running) and fell and busted her nose. We grabbed a beach towel and got her packed up and left. That was our first adventure. We took her on back to the camper and we got cleaned up and went out for dinner. We ate at Fazoli’s and it was good food. We kept getting extra breadsticks because we waited forever for our meal. They were super busy. Then we came back to the campground and went for a ride on the golf cart and went riding on the “strip” and then went and got ice cream. Yes it’s all right there for us.

After we got back to the camper it started to storm and it was a pretty nasty one because Olivia and everyone else didn’t get much sleep. At 5:30am we heard a loud noise and the awning had been torn off the camper by the wind. Yes it was quite a morning for us. The next morning we got up, ate breakfast and got ready to go to the beach while my dad went out looking to see if he could get a new awning or if we could get a waterproof shelter to use while it’s raining. We were at the beach for a good 20-30 minutes before the rain came in again. Yes we enjoyed while it lasted. We built 3 sandcastles and got to go in the ocean water, it was cold too but it felt good. After the rain came in we went back to the camper and went up and took a shower. It took some talking to Olivia but she finally understood that running is a hazard to her there at the campground. While we put up the shelter she ran into the shelter bars while we set it up giving herself a little cut above her forehead and a knock on her eye and then she took a spill on the pavement at the bathroom because she was running and slipped on the sand and cut up her knee. But it took her a while to get in the shower because she complained her knee hurt her and it was bleeding. I cleansed her hair with my WEN haircare and then washed her down and then I did the same for me. After that we went back to the camper and attempted to take a nap. I was the one who did not Olivia then we went to the Aquarium and had a good time minus the lighting and thunderstorm. We then went on over to the mall and met my dad there and had some starbucks coffee. I got my usual of the strawberries and creme frap. Then after that we went to Red Robin for dinner. It was good but we’ve had better. I had an allergic reaction to I have no idea what and my throat started feeling funny. We stopped by a CVS to get some benadryl for both Olivia and I and I took mine immediately. Olivia was out by 7pm last night and got up this morning around 4am. Yes it was an early start for us all. But overall we had a great time and I will be up for doing another weekend there soon. 🙂

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