Let the Party Begin!

With the 4th of July coming up next Friday you have to think if your going to have a party or not to Celebrate the Birth of our Country. I know that normally we do go to a party and then we have a pool party afterwards but this year it’s kind of up in the air of what we’ll be doing. But if we do have a party we’ll have to send out party invitations and get them out quickly. Because it’s only 1 week around. I have thought about going to Maryland though for the 4th and visiting with one of my best friends up there. It’s something that I would love to go and enjoy maybe even go to Jimmy Cones and watch the fireworks from there or from Washington D.C. I have done that several times and it’s always been my goal to get up there with Olivia. So we’ll see about that…all depends on the money situation:)

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