gloves in a bottle, Product Review

Product Review

About a month ago I received a package of Gloves in a Bottle and gave it a whirl. My hands are always dried out because obviously I got that from my granddad who had those issues as well. His hands were worse though. LOL. Well I got a few samples and then got a full sized bottle of Gloves in a Bottle. The first time I tried the product I was impressed. But I didn’t want to go off that one time of using it so I continued to use it for the past month and my hands are so much better. Even my mom and dad tried the product out and they thought it was good too. I have even used the product on my feet because I’m always doing something to them to make them dry like wear flip-flops year round. Yes I’m the idiot who wears flip-flops in the dead of winter during the snow and everything. I’ve always done it! Well the product overall is a great one and I have passed out the samples to individuals who were interested in the product too. So if you feel that your hands need to be protected from all the damaging elements of the day like washing dishes, washing your hands after using the bathroom or just doing day to day cleaning then this is a product for you. I highly recommend trying this out on you because it is well worth it.It actually keeps the bad stuff out of your body and shields your skin. Check them out!

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