Gymnastics and Dance

Gymnastics and Dance

We will be enrolling Olivia into a Summer Dance Camp in Wilson, NC at Dance Studio B. It’s something we know she will enjoy and I’ll have to find something to do for the entire 3 hours she’s there for 4 days. I’m sure I’ll find something though. Well she can’t wait for that. Then on top of that, I have called around to different places and have found one complex that might work out for us in the long run. It’s the Tri-County Arts Complex in Nashville for doing the Gymnastics. They have a reasonable price for us and we won’t get any other rate if we become members there or not. So it looks like we will be going to a class on July 8th at 5:30pm to see if this is really what Olivia wants to do before we pay the registration fee and the monthly fee. So that will be good for her to try out. So lots of things will be in store for us and this coming up school year. I’m glad she is wanting to take up a sport like this though. I only wish I would have stuck with it as a child but I was rewarded with having an Awesome Wheaton Studio of Dance in Wheaton, MD and am glad that I got to go to all the Competitions and even Dance Camp Near the Gettysburg area. It was loads of fun and now I want Olivia to enjoy the rewards I did with having fun.

The picture above is Olivia in her favorite “ranastics” outfit. She even wears this thing to bed and refuses to take it off at night. It’s so cute though.

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