What a Week!

It’s hard to believe that this week is already over. I have made a placement which is awesome. 🙂 And I’ve gotten back in touch with a good friend. I’ve also been to the doctors to be put back on antidepressant medicines. I’ve been put on Wellbutrin SR and the one thing I like about this medicine is one of the side effects is weight loss. Score! I’m the kind of girl who when I’m depressed I either eat everything in sight or I shop and spend every last penny I have. So with that said I’m on the road to a healthy new me.

Today Livy is spending the day with her grandparents (Terry’s Parents) by going to an awards ceremony for Justin and Jamie (my niece and nephew) and also going to watch Justin dance. Then she will come back home and have fun playing outside or even taking a little nap. Who knows. Tomorrow I need to run to the library to return a book or two and then I’m going to possibly take Livy to the Spray Park. If anyone wants to join in let me know. I’ve now got the camera charged up:) yeah. Sunday we might travel to Tarboro but that’s still in the works of things and then next Wednesday we have a cook-out to go to. I’m excited about that one because there will be a pool involved too so maybe I can wear my brand new two piece to there. You never know. I hope everyone has a safe weekend. Summer is almost here! Yeah!

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