Sex and the City Movie

Sex and The City Movie!

Ok so last night I was lucky enough to go to a FREE movie Screening for Sex and The City! I took Casey and we had a blast!!!! That’s all I can say. It was nice to have a girls and mommies night out and it will be happening much more often. I forgot how much fun we both could have childless. LOL. Well we drove up to Raleigh to the North Hills Mall and finally found the theater (which we couldn’t find in the first place). Then we stood in line for a good while but had some good gossip there. When we finally got up to the table I told them my name and they looked and found it gave us ticket stubs and then we headed to get something to drink and some popcorn. I was a little disappointed at first because there was literally no butter on the popcorn. I thought I had just wasted my money then I found a little pump that had the butter in it and I went to town on it. I love Movie Theater popcorn with Butter!!! Yummy!! Well then I got back in line with Casey. We were watching people and they looked irritated but couldn’t figure out what was taking so long to get in. We soon found out that they were checking everyone’s purses to see if they had a camera phone. I soon hid mine in my pocket in my purse and then proceeded into the theater. It was off so I don’t see why it would have mattered anyways. We sat there and they started giving out prizes which the first thing that they looked for was anyone who had a name of the four girls, Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. Score! I got a free Tshirt! Then they were giving out more prize packets. I didn’t win anything else but it was fun. Finally the movie started and we actually watched the “Red Carpet Premier” and that was cool too. Then the actual movie started. I didn’t realize how much I really loved this movie. We laughed so hard over things that it was hard not to. I can’t say what happened but I will say this…I plan on going to see it again! It’s not something that your kids can watch either…that’s why it’s rated R but it was so much fun!!! Go see it! It comes out in two days!!! On May 30th!!! And get the soundtrack too!

The picture above is the wrist bands we had to wear to show that we belonged in the theater.

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