Happy Birthday Olivia, Turning 4

Olivia’s Birthday

This past weekend was a very busy weekend. Olivia turned 4 on Saturday and she had soccer pictures too. It seemed like everything was going good. She did not play soccer though because the doctor told me no but this coming up weekend she can. Then after we got home from soccer I fixed her breakfast and then she was supposed to take a nap. yeah like that ever happened! She was wired. Well her granddaddy put together her Swing Set she got from them minus the slide…and then after she got up from her “real” nap she went outside and played all afternoon. She wanted to keep playing and so it was a hit for her. Sunday then we went to church and then went on back home where Liz, Olivia and I took a nap and dinner was being cooked. We celebrated her birthday then. It was great. We are going to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday evening with her daddy. 🙂

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