Olivia’s Surgery…Update!!!

Just to update all of my readers. Olivia’s surgery this morning went great. She was a champ and I’m so proud of her. She came out a little grumpy but that was to be expected from the anesthesia. Thank you for all of the prayers for us. They worked. Keep them coming while she is healing. The surgery took about 45 minutes and I was very relieved when the doctor came in and told us she did great. I could not have asked for a better doctor to do this. He was awesome. After about 1-2 hours after the surgery we were going home. She got to go home before we thought she was supposed to. She asked for something to drink and also for a popsicle so we knew she was ok. The only problem we had was she got sick all over the bed this afternoon after we got her home and that was from the anesthesia wearing off. But thanks to everyone and I’m sleepy so I’m going to bed with my baby girl. 🙂

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