Gods Blessings

God is @ Work for Me!

Recently I have let God handle many things in my life including the blessings that have come to me in several days. One I just will say came from a couple at my parents church who knew I was going through some rough times and well the Lord is at work on that. I will meet with them tomorrow and thank them more than anything. It’s definitely God’s work! Then that job that I applied for yesterday I got a response this morning but never got the voicemail until 9pm tonight because it never showed up until then. I’m going to call this person back tomorrow morning because he wants me to meet with him possibly on Wednesday for a Job Interview. Wow! God is doing his many wonders and I’m so blessed to have all of these blessings coming my way! Plus I didn’t get to study for my test last week because I was so busy with a sick little girl that life didn’t let me. But I did pass! I made a 76% on the test and that’s a C so I was so happy for that. At least I passed the test. I have another test next week so I’m going to be studying this week so that I can prepare for the test. It’s hopefully not going to be too hard. Ok well I’m sleepy so I’m going to go ahead and go to bed. Good night everyone!

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