Ah, it’s raining again!

Gosh. I feel like this week we are getting our fair share of rain. Yes I know we do need it but still I’d like to see the sun out shining for more than 1 day. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be partly cloudy all day and then we’re supposed to have thunderstorms throughout the night. Great. Just what I need right? I don’t care for storms at night but during the day that’s different. My favorite time all in all are the afternoon Thunderstorms in the summer on those hot days. I just normally sit out on the front porch and watch the lightning hit and see how far away the thunder is by counting 1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, and so on. It’s so much fun. But you have to now be careful because the weather can change in a heartbeat and it can turn into a not so fun situation like funnel clouds and such. Anyways, I’m glad we don’t have soccer on Saturday because I think that we would most likely get rained out anyways!!!

Oh yeah, don’t forget I have that hotsling for sale. I’m asking $35 for it and if I don’t sell it then I will be putting it up on ebay. So hurry! I might put it up there this weekend. But it’s a great price for it. And remember it’s brand new so that’s even better!

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