Doctors and More…

Yesterday I called the pediatricin’s office because Olivia was still complaining about her stomach and her ears were hurting her over the weekend. Well I made an appointment and the doctor wanted to see her immediately just to make sure that there was nothing wrong with her intestines since we had a difficult time when she was an infant. Thank goodness she didn’t. But we did find out that she has another massive ear infection and some bad post nasal drip (causing her stomach pain). The doctor also gave us some samples of Singular for her allergies and she has been good in taking that. Luckily we got out of the doctors without having to have a shot of the Rocephin. She instead was put onto Amoxicillin and she actually took that for me. If we like how the singular is doing for her all we have to do is call the doctors and ask for a prescription to be called into the pharmacy at Walmart in Nashville. How cool is that? I’m really hoping we have a good result with that because we’re running out of medicine to give her since Claratin and Zyrtec make her so wired we can’t get her calmed down.

Oh yeah for those of you with children who won’t doze off we have finally found a product that works on Olivia. Thank you to those who have replied to the last blog called Sleep Deprived. We have found that Johnson & Johnson’s makes a Toddler Bathtime Wash and the Sudzers and we love them. Olivia has fallen asleep using this the past 3 nights. Wonderful Product too! I’m so glad that we found this and that she loves using it to help her fall asleep.

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