Popcorn Machines

Anyone want Popcorn?

So who here loves popcorn? I know that I do for sure especially when I get it from the movie theaters. It’s so hard not to eat a large popcorn on your own and still want more. It’s just a thing that I do whenever I do head to the movies. Thankfully I haven’t been to the movies since July. Now since I do love the popcorn then I will be willing to get one of these cool popcorn machines to add to the house. It’s something that would taste like you were at the movies but your saving money by keeping this at home. Now that’s where my weight would start going back up because you can’t have movie theater popcorn without the loads of butter on top of it. Ok I gotta stop talking about food because I’m hungry now and it’s only making it worse! But for those of you joining my party

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