Immune Boosters…

Ever since I was a child I have had an immune disorder called “Common Variable Immunodeficiency” and it causes me to catch just about everything that is going around. I was very sick as a child and had to have IV treatments to help out with the illnesses but after I became allergic to the medicine to help me I was limited to what I was allowed to do. It was very rough for me and I remember missing about 6 weeks of school and having to be home tutored to keep up with the rest of my classmates. As I have gotten older my immune system has been getting stronger but recently it’s down again I’m sure because I’m getting sick back to back to back and so I could definitely use an immune booster like Resveratrol or BioFlu Vital to help out with getting less sick. This would be a wonderful miracle drug for anyone really and it’s all natural which is even better. No putting harmful things into my body anymore unless they are truely needed.

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