The Week has flown by.

Whew. This week has sort of flown by. Besides me having to run up to the college to grab something and also to run some other errands I’m having an ok week. Still getting a little emotional but who can blame me. I feel sometimes so alone going through all that I’m going through but it will all be OK for me. I have some things, important things to do today and I have some things that I need to do but I will eventually get them done. I have been working out so much lately that if I didn’t mention this in my last post then I will do it here…I have lost a total of 12lbs and a total of 30 inches. I’m so amazed that I’m able to get those kinds of results and I love it too. So Please don’t forget to leave us a comment using the new comment button on the right hand side of the page.

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