Daytona 500!

Ah Yes, the classic Daytona 500. I love racing and would love to go to a race and watch my guy Dale Earnhardt JR win the race. Yes I know he didn’t win last night but hey at least he made it in the top 10. better than last year is all I can say. LOL. So to all of those who watched the race I’m glad that I got to take my afternoon nap. As we were growing up it was known that we were all taking a nap during the race because my dad has always said that race time was nap time. So I’m so accustom to it now that it’s hard to stay up long enough to watch even part of the race. Plus yesterday I was so tired from Olivia waking up early that I didn’t have the energy to watch it. 🙂 Maybe next week I will be able to watch it. 🙂

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