Happy Friday!

Hey Everyone! I’m so happy that today is Friday! I have made it through one week of living with mom and dad and it hasn’t been so bad. Last night in order for Olivia to go to sleep I had to lay with her just to let her know I was there with her and then after she fell asleep I went on to our house to pick up some things like the scale for the bathroom, my face soap and my body wash. I also picked up a few other things that was well needed. Terry wasn’t there because he was at work at a mandatory meeting. I had otherwise a good valentine’s day. I don’t think I cried at all yesterday. Just got a little mad is all over something stupid. Oh well, we all need to have a little venting every now and then.

Today I am at work and I’ve still got to run to Rocky Mount to have my tags renewed on the van. They will fully expire tonight at midnight and I could get a ticket if I don’t get it taken care of today. So I will be heading down there around 1pm. I also have to get some gas in my gas guzzeling van or as Olivia calls it her “ban”. It’s so cute of the words that she says. But at least I am having a good day. This morning Olivia got up once again and was dry. She hasn’t worn a pullup in 5 days! That’s a near record for her! Plus she actually went stinky in the potty last night without messing up her big girl panties. Oh how I’m so proud of her. Tonight she will be able to stay up a little later than usual but not too much longer. Well I guess I better get back to work. Have a good day ya’ll!

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