We had a good weekend.

Olivia and I had a good weekend. Well we stayed at my parents house on Friday night and that was really tough for me to say the least. I wanted to be at home in my bed but instead I’m sleeping in my sisters bed. Then on Saturday I went back home to pick up some things and Terry and I took Olivia to meet his parents. They had Olivia for the rest of the weekend and it was nice. I did get to finish my homework that day and that was the first time in a while that I had time to sit down without a child coming in and asking whatcha doing? It was very nice. Then I got some more things together and went on over to my parents house. Liz called me up and asked what I was going to do that afternoon and I said nothing so she suggested that I come to mom and dad’s and we would go see a movie. Instead we did nothing. It was nice too. Just spending some time with her and Jason.

Sunday I got up and went to Terry’s parents house and got Livy. I ate lunch there and it was just like nothing had happened with Terry and I seperating. Very odd. But Olivia got several new outfits while at his parents on Saturday. Then Olivia and I went to Nicholas’ birthday party at the church. It was fun and I also spoke with Monica too on what was happening with Terry and I. She is such a good friend. She listens to everything I have to say. And so do my other friends. I just hope that Terry and I can overcome this and get through this because I want to be with him for the rest of my life!!! And that’s hopefully a long time! Well I gotta run. Have to get back to work. Only had a few minutes to type this blog up.

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