I feel so Alone!

This week has been very troubling and horrible. On Sunday I went to the walk in clinic and found out I have bronchitis which the doctor put me on the Z-pak and also on Codiclear which is Hydrocodone and Guifenisin together for the nasty cough I have. Then I stayed home on Monday because I was again too sick to head into work. I was going to try to but dad suggested I didn’t spread the love. Then I went into school and found out I failed my first test but thank god I have a very nice teacher and he is letting me retake the test on Monday. I’ve been studying for it since Monday. Plus I’ve gotten a head start on this weeks homework. What can I say right? Doing good for myself. Then after Terry and I started talking when I got home on Monday night we came to a conclusion that we are both unhappy right now. But I want to work things out but it doesn’t look like it will happen. I will be moving in with mom and dad for a while. Just crazy. I don’t want to talk more about it anymore I’ve been upset too much and now I’m trying to figure out how I can tell Livy what is going on. She knows something is wrong because she has asked me why I’m crying and what is wrong. How do I answer her?

Anywho, I took her to Red Oak Elementary and signed her up for pre-k. She goes for the testing on Monday, March 3rd so we are hoping that she will be accepted into the program. If not that’s cool. I’ll still continue her in daycare because the preschooler teacher is awesome and Livy loves her Ms. Lena. So where can we go wrong there? I afterwards took Livy to see my mom at Coopers Elementary and she cried because we had to leave and she wanted to stay with her Nanie. It was heart breaking to see her cry. They were real tears too. Well I haven’t really been hungry with being sick and everything that is happening at home. Just not hungry at all. I ate dinner on Tuesday night and didn’t feel much like eating yesterday but I knew I would have to eat or else the medicine would make me sick to my stomach so Terry brought home a 6-inch sub from subway to me.

Today I’m back at work and feel awful! My head is spinning and my ear is killing me. I am thinking that I am going to call the doctor back and ask them what should I do since I’m not feeling any better. I can barely hear out of my left ear and my cough is sounding even nastier than it did on Sunday! Well let me go. Have to get back to work. Have a good one though!

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