At Home America! New!!!

I just decided to get on board with another awesome company, At Home America this week. My friend is doing it and it seems like I will be enjoying this one as well. I mean who doesn’t like to have parties or shop for things for their home? I know I do. I shop way too much too and my hubby can attest to that. Anyways, I am having an Internet show on The 26th and would like invite you all to come and shop in your pj’s. Plus if you shop before hand you can get in on this really awesome Sale that we are having until January 15th. It’s where you can shop for products that are retiring and the sale is awesome. You can save up to 80% on some items. So if you would go check out my new business for the home and hope that you all will help me out by ordering something. I’m doing this business to help make some money for the family vacation trip we are planning on taking. Plus it will help get a little princess herself get to see all of her princesses. So please help out our family by looking at the website and maybe ordering something for yourself or as a gift for someone. Thanks and have a great day!

My At Home America Store!

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