Honda Civic, Mineral Girlz, Sick

Back at Work

Today I am back at work because Olivia has been sick the past couple of days. On Monday she woke up with her ears hurting (only to realize that my inlaws forgot to put they drying agent in her ears) and so I kept her home. Then Yesterday she woke up sounding very croupy like so I kept her home from school just to be on the safe side with the small fever she had. She mainly watched her DVD player and she also just wanted to lay around all day. We did venture into town yesterday afternoon to the post office to mail off that Affidavit to receive my Bose System and went to get some gas in the van. I feel like I am spending all of my money on gas for this thing and makes me happy about when I graduate College in the spring in getting car. I’ve been thinking about getting a Honda Civic because honestly we don’t need a large car and at Davenport Honda in Rocky Mount they are offering Lifetime Warranty on the car and Free Oil changes for life there too. Where can you go wrong? I am really interested in going there and driving one home. Hahaha for good!

Yesterday I signed up for Mineral Girlz and am happy to announce I had one of my friends sign up under me. She used to do Mary Kay and we both felt like we were mislead in going on board with them. I mean i had to pay a hefty $100 fee to get the starter kit and also had to make a $200 order every 3 months which honestly was putting me in the hole. So with this company we don’t have to purchase anything up front and also don’t have an quotas or minimums. I’m just so excited in starting up with this opportunity because I feel it’s a great one. So if you would like to either try the product or sign up to sell it or just purchase for you and your family then go right ahead and do so. 🙂

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