Christmas, Santa, Skinny

Anorexia Santa?

I heard on the news this morning that “Santa” is turning into a skinny Santa. I’m sorry but that ruins the entire spirit of Santa to me. I have always seen and heard in every story that he has a large tummy but now they are wanting for “Santa” to go extra healthy. I do understand that these days the kids are more obese because instead of going outside to play with their friends they are staying indoors all the time and playing games either online or video games. To me that’s not Santa’s fault. Yes we need to get our kids outdoors and allow them to play and run their energy out there instead of filling them full of junk food and sitting in front of the tv all day long. I am guilty of doing this myself which is why I am obese but still it’s not the spirit of the season if santa is skinny. They were calling him an Anorexia Santa which is what I felt like he would be. Instead of leaving him Cookies and Milk (which milk is good for a body right?) they are suggesting that we should leave Santa Carrots and Celery and water. Um…No! That is what you would leave the Easter bunny right? I have my own feelings on this but I am sure other people have. I don’t think that making Santa skinny is going to make it any better. We as parents have to make that happen for the kids and just let Santa be fat!

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