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They want to avoid us now!

Last night we took the kids out to pizza at Pizza Inn and then we headed over to Walmart to pick up a few things. Tonya and I both had coupons for free juice that was sent to us via email and lets just say that we had to choose our victims (which cashier looked nice and would let us use the coupons.) I have been in there several times and they have not allowed us to use the coupons at all. Anyways, my cashier looked at them and said that “Walmart didn’t take internet coupons” and I proceeded to tell her “yes they do!” She then went over to the customer service desk to ask the manager on duty if “she” could take them. Of course they said yes and she came back to tell me that some of the coupons are not scanning and so it was a win/lose situation. Well I got my free juice and then we headed over to Target for more juice and also for some free polly pockets. Yes, I made a complaint about something with one of the Polly Pocket toys that kept breaking and they sent me 5 coupons for free ones. How sweet was that? Then I also got some juice and I think I got through the line again who the woman proceeded to tell me that my coupons were copied. I looked at her and said “Excuse Me? What makes you think their copied?” and here was her response…”well because they are black and white and not in color. That’s why.” I told her then that unless she wanted to buy me a new color ink cartridge for my printer then by all means go right on ahead but those were real. She was just being a complete witch because she didn’t want to take her time in helping me. Then after all that fuss and I was checked out she had to go talk to another cashier and fuss and complain that she didn’t want to take the coupons.

Ok well they have to. I’m sure now we will see a sign saying in the front of our target…

Please do not accept coupons from these two ladies….that would be me and Tonya! hahaha. We think that its funny too.

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