Church, Nursery, Sunday


Yesterday was an interesting day. I woke up thinking I wasn’t going to go to church but had to because I had the carseat in my car. So I got up and went to church as bad as I felt. It was nice to get to church because I sat in the nursery because Olivia was upset and she didn’t want me to leave her. I talked with Monica who was in there with Landon. Olivia calls him “her Landon”. It’s too cute. Then I went on back to my inlaws and fixed Olivia something to eat. she couldn’t wait for the rest of us to eat so I fed her and then she was down for her nap. She and I took a long nap and it was nice. Then we got up and went to get gas in the van and went to wally world. I needed to grab a few things. Then it was home for us. Terry met us at walmart too. Well it was a early night for us all and I had already finished my homework the night before that I could take it easy. 🙂 Today is a new day and thanks to this mucinex dm I am feeling much better.

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