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Crimson Eve Book Review

This is not a paid one but I wanted to say that I received a book from a giveaway I had entered several weeks ago. Well I thought it was not going to be a book that I would like but to my dismay it was. I received “Crimson Eve” by Brandilyn Collins that was signed. It is more like a thriller than anything and I thought to myself…oh well I guess I’ll begin to read it and see how I like it. OMG! All I have to say is it was so hard to put the book down. I needed to know what happened next and from then on after receiving the book on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week. I started reading the book on Friday. I finished the book up last night. It was so good. I am not the one who is into the suspense books or into the thriller books but let me tell you it was so hard not knowing what was going to happen in the book.

Here is what it is about. Basically it’s about a young woman who has taken a gentleman to show a house and he tries to kill her at that moment. Only to see the womans life be unravelled from that time and moment. She is on a run for her life only to realize that in the end of the book….You must read this to find out the rest!!!

This is a book that I highly recommend you reading!!!

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