The Mist

Have you ever seen anything or read anything by Stephen King? I have. Lots of his books and I would say my favorite was “The Green Mile” and it was awesome. I have read that book about a million times but still I pick it up and read it, it gets more intriguing each time. I feel like I don’t know what is going to happen next but then again I do. Well now there is a new movie coming out called The Mist by Stephen King and let me tell you…it’s freaky. I am normally not the person to watch these kinds of movies but this one looks good. It kind of has that fog like scene which is what the mist is and everything and everyone seems to be caught offguard for this one. It’s definitely a suspense movie and I would be sure to take someone to the movie theater with you to see it. Very freaky indeed. For me I hate being stuck in fog and driving in it. There have been several times that I have driven in it at night and it just gives me the creeps. Not what I like to feel when driving along an old country road. Now it makes me not want to drive home tonight. hahaha. So now when you go see this movie you too will call it the Next Thriller of the year!

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