This morning I woke up to Olivia crying in her room. She had a problem. She was vomiting everywhere. I had to do laundry and am still doing it. 🙁 I know it’s part of her ear infection. But still…I hate dealing with vomit. I think that I handled it pretty well today but most of the times I feel like I am either going to do it or I start to cry. It’s just something that I have always done. My gut is not used to this. I used to cry all the time when she would vomit her formula especially the high dollar stuff because it really stunk!!! Well she is laying in her bed right now just trying to feel better! I am allowing her to watch her dvd player in her room today since she is still under the weather. She hasn’t really been in the mood to eat much of anything and all she wants is her “orange juice” which is really sunkist. I’m fine in giving that to her but I don’t want her to drink it all down in one day. It normally makes her tummy hurt if she has too much caffine. So I don’t know if she will eat lunch but I am going to try to cook up some chicken noodle soup with the shapes of dora and see if she eats that. praying that she will! I don’t want to go down the same path of her losing all the weight and being hospitalized again. It was a very stressful time on her being hooked up to all those monitors and having to have everyone poke her. She was young yes when this happened but she still remembers it to this day. She now hates getting shots and having anyone hold her down for anything. So please keep Olivia in your prayers that she doesn’t lose the weight or at least too much weight that is.

Update***Let me just say that I want my little girl to feel better soon. I want her to be able to go out and play with her friends. She has missed out on so much now and she just wants to feel better too. Today we have already colored and just spent time together. I want people to know that everything is not all about me!!! And if you feel like it is then fine but keep that to yourself please.

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