Cell Phones

Ok so as you all know I have been having issues with my cell phone just the model that I have. I have noticed that it seems that the speakerphone keeps going bad on me. ugh! I hate when this happens. Well I told the guy at Alltel that if it happens again to me that I was NOT getting the same phone and they would be issuing me a new phone. I however in the midst of things have been looking online for an extra phone to keep in case this crap happens again. I hate not having a cell phone that works and to me if you have insurance and this is the 3rd phone of the same model that has gone bad wouldn’t that mean to just well give me another phone? Common sense people!!! I am also going to take Terry with me next time because I am not going to be taken advantage of!!!! I am human too but when I tell you something is not working then by george believe me and don’t make any stupid answers for them. I hate people when they lie to me or give me the run around. Anyways if you know of anyone that is looking to get rid of a phone that looks like a Razor or something like that then let me know. Thanks everyone!

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