Pricey Preschools

While on my AOL account I was browsing around and came across this article that said “Most Expensive Preschools” and it got my attention. I only pay $97 a week for Olivia’s preschool/daycare and will pay nothing next fall when she is enrolled into the Pre-K program at Swift Creek Elementary School up by our house. But to me paying what you would pay for college for a preschool is crazy! But if you make enough money to send your children there then good for you. We just couldn’t afford it down here in the south!!!

1. Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Where: Manhattan and Bronx, N.Y. Founded in 1878 as a free kindergarten to children of the working poor, the tuition for this preschool is now an astounding $30,440. If you were wondering, this includes supplies, books, lunch and insurance!

2. Bank Street
Where: Manhattan, N.Y. Bank Street’s Lower School program emphasizes concrete experience (e.g., blocks, cooking, trips) as vehicles for learning. A music teacher, Spanish teacher, librarian and a movement teacher work with each group. It takes a very limited number of 3-year-olds (16). Tuition is $27,450.

3. 92nd Street Y
Where: Manhattan, N.Y. This preschool was once at the heart of a Citigroup scandal where it was alleged the CEO made a $1 million donation to try and help a prominent analyst’s kids get in, in exhange for the analyst upgrading a company. The analyst was quoted as saying, “… it’s statistically easier to get into the Harvard freshman class than it is to get into preschool at the 92nd Street Y.” Tuition for full-day 4- and 5-year-olds is $21,400.

4. St. Lukes Preschool
Where: San Francisco Compared with some of the other preschools on the list, St. Lukes seems like a bargain at $13,169. But that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to get in. The Web site indicates not all applicants will be invited for a tour. The good news: Applications are accepted from birth.

5. British School of Boston
Where: Boston Recently named a “Best School” in the Best of Boston 2007, the school uses the British National curriculum. The teachers are recruited from the U.K. or international schools worldwide. Half-day preschool is $11,000, and all day is $20,400

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