It’s friday!

You know it’s hard to believe that today is Friday. It seems like the week has just gone by way to slow but yesterday went by too quickly. Last night I watched the kiddo’s and we had a good night. Cole behaved himself so well last night and I’m so happy too. Olivia was so tired by the time that Tonya got home she went to sleep on her bed while we were upstairs burning a copy of a new cd she had for me. 🙂 Then we went home and Terry was out with his friends which to tell you the truth I was happy he was. He did do something that I have asked him to do for me like Mow the Lawn. 🙂 Well I better get back to work. not much happening so far so I’m going to go find something to do. Still don’t know what time Olivia’s game is going to be.

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